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Succeeding former President Rodney Erickson, who had served since 2011, Dr. Barron was named the 18th President of Penn State by the University’s Board of Trustees February 17, 2014. The President has nearly 35 years of leadership experience in academic administration, education, research, and public service.

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The Presidents American presidents hold the most powerful office on earth and occupy a unique place at the center of national and world events. At once chief executive, head of state, commander-in-chief, and leader of a political party, the President of the United States is also a prominent cultural figure, and a bellwether of the society he

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Hey! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’m Sebastian alias “President” and it seems that you found my YouTube-channel, yippie! Actually, you not only found this but rather my Germ

Uncle Grandpa | PS for president | Cartoon Network Africa

Uncle Grandpa Videos: PS for president. A docu-advertisement reveals who Uncle Grandpa really is. Actually this is a presidential campaign of Pizza Steve.

President Mahmoud Abbas Website

President Mahmoud Abbas was born in the city of Safad in November 15, 1935. In the aftermath of the Nakba (Catastrophe) of 1948, Mahmoud Abbas, his family, along with many Palestinians were forced to leave their homeland and became refugees in Syria.

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Joseph D. Russell, Jr. is President of Public Storage and has served as a director of PS Business Parks since August 2003. Mr. Russell served as President and Chief Executive Officer of PS Business Parks from August 2003 to June 2016.

President Mahmoud Abbas Website

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The Socialist Party (French: Parti socialiste [paʁti sɔsjalist], PS) is a social-democratic political party in France, and the largest party of the French centre-left. The PS used to be one of the two major political parties in the French Fifth Republic, along with …

Founded: 1905: SFIO, 1969: Parti socialiste

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Phoenix Seminary is a nationally-recognized, graduate level theological seminary located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 1988, Phoenix Seminary continues to be the only accredited graduate-level theological seminary …