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Born: March 2, 1966 (age 52), Moscow, Russian SFSR, USSR

Felix Sater is cooperating with a money laundering

The Financial Times reported Thursday morning that Felix Sater, former business partner of President Donald Trump with deep ties to the Mafia and Russian government, is cooperating in an international investigation into an alleged money-laundering network. Sater has a history of channeling money

Who Is Felix Sater, and Why Is Donald Trump So Afraid of

S o who, exactly, is Felix Sater? Tim O’Brien, author of a biography of Trump, wrote about Sater in an article titled “Lean, Mean Trump-Russia Machine.” He was born in 1966 in the Soviet Union, and he and his family moved to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York, when he was just 8.

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Felix Sater is back. The Donald Trump business associate last month splashed down in the middle of a New York Times story about a freelanced Ukraine “peace proposal” hand-delivered to the White House by Mr. Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen. Mr. Cohen dropped the proposal off in a sealed

Felix Sater: Donald Trump’s Original Russia Connection

Felix Sater has cut deals with the FBI, Russian oligarchs, and Donald Trump. He’s also quite a talker.

Who is Felix Sater? Trump’s Russian ex-Real Estate …

Felix Sater has agreed to help investigators in a probe spanning three continents which includes the president’s Trump SoHo.

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Felix Sater is a Russian-born dealmaker who served as managing director for Bayrock Group, a real estate development firm with an office two floors down from The Trump Organization in Trump Tower.